Dual Spine City



Site Area


Design Team

Sewoon Arcade, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Transportation, Cultural, Park



Hong Ukee, Cha Seungyeon, Yun Hyewon

The new ‘Dual spine’ is designed to be a social condenser for diversity, a field that can produce an infinite amount of possibilities. The project is a compact mini-city - an antidote to the sprawl of the district with profound urban memories and history, and a means to invoke the functioning matrix of connective tissue that organize not only objects and spaces but also the dynamic processes and events that move through them. 

The composition of dual spine- Botanical garden & Layered terrace- is based on careful analysis of the future unit plan of the district which indicate that the major two side of the site will be facing to completely different urban condition ;a linear park and service road.

Its asymmetrical and ambivalent characteristic identity-inside//outside, on ground//elevated, opened//enclosed, solid//void- working as a dynamic and responsive complementary system to maximize site potential and connectivity in time.  


Eventually the proposal will revitalize Seunsangga Complex’s status as a center of pedestrian axis and urban industry by creating a space with new cultural value that will breathe life into the whole district.