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Bauhaus Museum




Design Team

Stadtpark, Dessau, Germany



Hong Ukee, Yun Hyewon

From the era of Functional Aesthetics to the era of linkage.

The proposal is to design a museum which offers 360˚ accessible from any side of city and park for anyone immediately an overwhelming sense of richness of belonging to a great history of Bauhaus, a revolutionary philosophy and paradigm with enhancing urban street and open space network as a part of whole city. A series of important concepts are introduced as follows to make this feasible.


Concept 1: Urban Canopy

History, surroundings, nature and art, inside and outside; all are connected below a large roof plate which coincide with trace of old city memory. The urban canopy-space of identification and linkage- is introduced for the recovery of the historical street-scape while preserving existing trees and green system at the same time. Additionally it creates ambiguous boundary between the city and museum to make attractive convergence of public with experience of art.


Concept 2: Museum Terrace

Access to the museum is organized from all the points of city, the periphery to the center of museum without any border. Periphery of museum foyer, four characteristic terraces are scattered around each entrances with direct linkage of museum’s public programs such as education, events and cafeteria. It will fully accommodates or invokes various cultural/artistic events of not only for the museum visitors but also for local community as cultural platform as transitional space in-between city and museum.


Concept 3: Overview Hall

The foyer is composed with grand steps of walk-through wunderkammer which bringing together elements from all parts of the museum into an encyclopedic overview of Bauhaus and bridging other local Bauhaus remains and programs collectively as well.


 Erased form, Emphasized street-scape; In general museum occupies massive formal gesture to the street as a monument. However in contrary here, It’s melted into and even disappeared into the city and park with the playing of transparency and reflectiveness of the facade materiality. Ultimately architecture here only exist in the form of relationship and connectivity.

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